What is Biocide and Biocidal Product? Also, what is the place of pesticides/insecticides in these products?

What is Biocide and Biocidal Product? Also, what is the place of pesticides/insecticides in these products?

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Firstly, what is biocide? 


- Biocides are chemicals that form a mixture of one or more active substances, which control or kill the microorganisms containing bacteria, fungi, algae, mold or yeast. Biocides guarantee the active performance of chemical products and production processes. The use of biocides is quite wide. For example, it is used in many fields such as cosmetics industry, detergent industry, paint industry, pharmaceutical production, and plastic industry.

Returning to our main subject, what is the biocidal product and what is the place of pesticides in these products?


Biocidal products derived from biocides occupy a large place in our lives as a word. Many products we use are in the biocidal product class.

- Biocidal products, thanks to the active substance or substances they contain, have a chemical or biological effect on microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, cockroaches, ticks, houseflies, mosquitoes, rodents such as mice and rats, which are considered harmful. In this way, biocidal products can restrict, remove, make harmless or destroy the movement of harmful organisms. Therefore, they are products that are used directly or indirectly in human or animal hygiene for the control of harmful organisms.

It is also defined by the European Union as follows: Substances and preparations containing one or more active substances (as in contact with the consumer) which are used to destroy harmful organisms by chemical or biological means, to disrupt their structure, to prevent or combat damage caused by harmful organisms. Biocidal products are necessary for the prevention of harmful organisms and for the destruction of harmful, to increase the quality of life; biocidal products mostly meet civil needs. These civil needs cover insecticides that are used for pest control. So, biocidal products that are used for pest control as follows:

• Rodenticides (Products used for the control of mice, rats or rodents)

• Molluscicides (Products used against mollusks)

• İnsecticides (Products used against insects/pests)