Distance Sale Contract


The purpose of this regulation; Published in the Official Gazette No. 29188, Thursday, November 27, 2014

In accordance with the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Distance Contracts Application, it is to regulate the procedures and principles of the contract for the sales realized over the internet.

ARTICLE 2- Scope

This Regulation includes the articles made electronically and without confrontation with the consumers, for which the goods or services are decided to be delivered to the consumer immediately or later.


This Regulation was published in the Official Gazette No. 29188, on Thursday, November 27, 2014.

Prepared based on the articles of Distance Contracts Regulation.


4.1 - Title: Serdaroğlu Group Chemistry Biocidal Pharmaceutical Machinery Production Import Export Industry Inc. - Company Address: AOSB Mah. 10023 Sokak Ilmak No: 2 Kapı No: 0 Çiğli / İZMİR e-mail: info@serdaroglugroup.com

4.2 - As a Customer

The person who is a member of the shopping site serdaroglugroup.com or who does shopping without a member. (Hereinafter referred to as Buyer.) Address and contact information used when signing up or creating an order are taken as basis.

4.3 - The amount, brand / models, color, number, sales price, payment method, and all the information related to the contract product or products are disclosed on the serdaroglugroup.com shopping site. It is recommended that the buyer pays attention to all these features.

4.4 - Contractual products and products; sales information is disclosed on serdaroglugroup.com shopping site.

4.5 - Contractual products and products; changes in sales information can be made without the knowledge of the Buyer. It is not obligatory to notify by serdaroglugroup.com.

4.6 - Physical products and products subject to the contract shall be delivered to the BUYER from the factory of SERDAROĞLU GRUBU A.Ş. Delivery time is sixty (60 DAYS) working days at the latest from the date the order confirmation email is sent and the payment is received. No product shall be released until the payment sent by the buyer has been supervised in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and until the approval given by the bank.

4.7- The customer is responsible for the damages arising from not using the contractual products and products in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations regarding the use and storage. In such cases, the product is delivered in countries where laws and regulations are available, serdaroglugroup.com described the Republic of Turkey is considered appropriate to use the law and the recipient agrees in advance to use this way.

4.8 - Contractual products and products; The content of human and animal health and especially the danger of death from children (toxic substance, etc.) may be necessary to keep away from children and be used carefully. Such situations are stated in the detailed sections of the related products on the serdaroglugroup.com site, and it is deemed that the buyer has read the order he sees during his order and accepts responsibility for its use.


5.1 - The BUYER declares that he has read and obtained all the prior information and has given the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment.

5.2 - If the product subject to the contract is to be delivered to another person / organization from the BUYER, serdaroglugroup.com cannot be held responsible for the refusal of the person / organization to be delivered.

5.3 - serdaroglugroup.com is responsible for the delivery of the product subject to the contract in accordance with the qualities specified in the order.

5.4 - If, for any reason, the product price is not paid or canceled in the bank records, serdaroglugroup.com is deemed free from the delivery obligation.

5.5 - In case the bank or financial institution does not pay the product price to serdaroglugroup.com due to the unfair or illegal use of the credit card belonging to the BUYER by the unauthorized persons, after the delivery of the product, not caused by the BUYER's fault. It is obligatory to send the product to serdaroglugroup.com within 3 days provided that it is. In this case, the shipping costs belong to the BUYER.

5.6 - serdaroglugroup.com is obliged to notify the BUYER if it cannot deliver the product subject to the contract within due time due to force majeure or air opposition that prevents transportation, discontinuation of transportation.

In this case, the PURCHASER may use one of the right to cancel the order, to replace the product subject to the contract with the equivalent, if any, and / or postpone the delivery period until the barrier situation disappears. In case the BUYER cancels the order, the amount paid by him is paid in cash within 7 working days.


The BUYER has the right to withdraw within 14 days from the delivery of the product subject to the contract to him or to the person / organization at the address indicated. In order to use the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to notify serdaroglugroup.com by fax, mail or telephone and the product must not be used in accordance with the provisions of the relevant article. If this right is exercised, it is obligatory to return the original invoice with the sample of the cargo delivery report indicating that the product delivered to the 3rd party or to the BUYER is sent to serdaroglugroup.com The product price will be returned to the BUYER within 7 days following the receipt of these documents. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations, if any, cannot be returned. The shipping cost of the product returned due to the right of withdrawal is paid by the BUYER.

Order Cancellation After the product is delivered to you, you can cancel it within 14 days due to a product problem or fabrication errors, unless there is any damage to the box, packaging, product itself and accessories of the product that is sent for cancellation. The canceled product will be returned to you by the serdaroglugroup.com within 30 days at the latest.

In addition, the consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal in the goods that are produced in accordance with the special requests and demands of the consumer or which are made personal by making changes or additions.

If the payment is made with a credit card or similar payment card, the consumer may request that the payment process be canceled on the grounds that the card has been used illegally and illegally. In this case, the institution that issued the card will return the payment amount to the consumer within 10 days from the notification of the objection.

For any order to be made from serdaroglugroup.com site, the customer is assumed to accept this contract.


The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she will pay interest and be liable to the bank within the framework of the credit card agreement between the bank and the bank, if the payment is made in default when he / she makes the payment by credit card. In this case, the bank may apply to legal means; may claim the costs and attorneys' fees arising from the BUYER and, in any case, if the BUYER defaults due to the debt of the BUYER, the BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that he will pay the loss and loss suffered due to the delayed performance of the debt.


Complaints and objections in disputes arising from this contract, consumer problems within the monetary limits specified in the law below or where the consumer transaction is made, will be made to the arbitral tribunal or the consumer court. Information on the monetary limit is as follows:

Effective from 28/05/2014:

a) According to the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection, district consumer arbitration committees for disputes with a value below 2.320 TL,

b) To the provincial consumer arbitration committees in disputes with a value between 2.320.- 3.480 TL,

c) In disputes with a value over 3.480 TL, applications are made to the Consumer Courts.

This Agreement is made for commercial purposes.


When the BUYER makes the payment for the order placed on the Site, he is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract. serdaroglugroup.com is obliged to make the necessary software arrangements to obtain confirmation that this contract has been read and accepted by the BUYER.